Making aaaarmor in the raiiiin, aaaarmor in the rain, gotta oil my hammers, they’re ruuusty again.

Practice piece. Not awful.

Just carved out a dishing block. Time to start hammering out some armor!

The wife took these cool shots.
I haven’t posted in a long time, been busy with life (and almost death) things. Im determined to get work as a maintenance mechanic and in house welder at a local brewery. I rolled the ‘87 4 times back in september. Its long gone. Jacked up my left arm a bit more. Winter was too rainy and stressful for any serious work on the ‘59. Otherwise life is good and always getting better.

New projects and posts coming soon

My little portable forge setup. Ill be building a better anvil stand soon.

Bitches don’t know bout my chicken noodle soup. STICK TO YO DAMN RIBS BOY

It took some effort with all my other junk, but we got the truck home safe, sound, and a day early. Now its time to work on it every day.

Coming home!

Gotta clean the garage to fit the apache this weekend.

Freshly hung headgear